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Should you Install a Security Alarm System?

How much is Peace of Mind worth to you?

Unfortunately, we all know that crime is escalating with homes and business premises more at risk than ever before. According to crime statistics from the Brisbane crime prevention units, there is a home robbery taking place somewhere in Queensland at the very moment you are reading this!  In 2004, there were over 308,000 Australian cases of breaking and entering or burglary of both domestic and business properties recorded. 

To discover that your home or business has been broken in to and robbed is a very traumatic experience.  Burglary causes a lot more emotional and psychological harm than just a loss of physical property.  After a break in you may never feel truly safe again. 

Taking steps to ensure that your home and business is a more secure place to live/work is a smart idea. Simple things you can do right away are such as:

  • Installing secure doors and locks
  • Investing in an alarm system with a night and day monitoring service.

Home invaders usually look for the easiest way to get into a property.  Fortunately, there are simple steps that can be taken to help protect your loved ones and valuable property. 

Each home is very different and what is suitable for your neighbour’s home may not necessarily be what best suited for your home. The best security plan for where you live will depend on the general state of the building, what valuables you need to protect, and how much you can afford to invest in security.

Doors and windows

It is advisable to make sure your doors and windows are secure and protected. Exterior doors are best made from solid timber or constructed to ensure their solidity. Windows or doors that are not securely anchored in a strong, solid frame can be pushed out of the frame, making any kind of security lock ineffective. 

Reinforced glass is also an excellent choice not only for security reasons, but also for better insulation and energy conservation.  Safety hinges are also very useful for stopping a door from being physically pulled away. Hinge bolts are highly recommended to make the hinge side of a door able to stand up to the use of force by anyone attempting to break in.


It is prudent to be sure that all doors and windows including the smallest which may not seem to be much of a security risk, should be secured with a high quality locking device or system. Padlocks can be used for other features of the property such as gates. 

Security Screen Doors

Sreen doors are often used to keep out the mossies but unless a spcialist installs a security screen door made of aluminium of steel with a strong mesh screen, it is not secure.

When obtaining a security screen door, it is important to ensure:

  • That the door has been fitted as per Australian Standard (AS 5040).
  • That the door conforms to the Australian Standards (AS 5039 or AS 2803). It is important to be sure to check to see if it shows the Australian Standards logo.
  • Request a written guarantee that the door and its installation meet all required standards.
  • The frame of the door should be strong enough for its purpose, and if it isn’t, then steps should be taken to reinforce it. 
  • That the gap between the door and door frame should not be greater than 4 mm.  Anything larger will enable a burglar use a jemmy to pry the door open.

Movement Sensors

Make sure that all outside lighting is bright, as burglars prefer darkness to hide away in. Defeat them by keeping the premises around your home brightly lit. The installation of movement sensor lights help to detect if someone is acting suspiciously near your property.

As a safeguard against burglary, movement sensor lights are an excellent security tool. They can be wired directly into your mains or have an extension lead connection.  Be careful not to place the sensors where the movement of trees, pets or even yourself can trigger them.


There are many sizes, shapes, and strengths available for safes.  Using a well built safe is a simple and easy way to look after your valuables.  Jewellery, money, business documents and data storage disks can all be kept safe this way. Safes provide not only a good protection for valuable possessions in your property but also against potential damage from flooding or fire.


There are several types of alarms ranging from deternets to monitored response alarms.

Local Burglar Alarm

Scare unauthorised interlopers with an electronically controlled Burglar Alarm. The main aim of a burglar alarm is to scare the burglar with its frequenct, piercing siren and catch the attention of passer bys, or a passing police car..

An alarm that only ‘scares off’ the intruders is known as a Local alarm and does not include monitoring. This has a limited effect as criminals know how to deactivate them by destroying the ringing siren.

Monitored Alarm

The monitored alarm provides a higher level of security and are fast becoming a standard device to safeguard both homes and offices. The security is assured by connecting a transmitting device such as either a GPRS dialer or a modem dialer. Although the modem type Monitored alarms are now outdated as criminals often circumvent  both the power and the phone lines before breaking in and a security check signal is usually only sent once a day.

GPRS alarms assure a higher level of security as it utilizes the GPRS Network. The reporting is done via GPRS network instead of telephone lines. It has the added advantage of using (wireless) mobile phone SIM card technology which can contact the control room as soon as any part of the alarm equipment is either tampered with or activated. Additionally, the GPRS panel sends a signal to the control room operator on a 90 seconds interval.

So, what are you waiting for?  Pick the right type of alarm to make your life safe and secure from the unwanted visitors.

CCTV & Access Control Specialists

You have come to the right place.  AMC is an experienced and professional company aimed at providing you with the latest in commercial security solutions.  Based on your requirements, our qualified commercial security experts will build CCTV and Access Control solutions to provide you a tailor-made yet comprehensive security module. State-of-the-art Video Surveillance systems empower you to keep theft and fraudulent liability claims at bay. They also serve to document events and help keep your entire premises protected. CCTV systems are not limited to security alone.  They have also been proven to exponentially increase employee productivity and overall business efficiency.

  • Advantages of Video Surveillance
  • Deter theft, shoplifting and fraudulant accident claims.
  • Lower insurance costs and reduce fraudulent liability claims
  • Remote monitoring allows user friendly and real-time surveillance of premises
  • Improve employee safety, productivity and business efficiency

We offer a full 2 year warranty on all AMC CCTV (this warranty also includes the Hard Drive, a feature not usually covered by most manufacturers,). We guarantee top workmanship during installation, ensure that cables are hidden and the system presents well.

Our systems are easy to customise, expand and very affordable. We encourage you to take an onsite risk assessment, completely free of charge!

Installation / Servicing / Access Control

“A new electronic access control system that lets you lock and unlock doors!” – Reads a decade old newspaper headline. Several scientific advancements later, we have a touchdown.

Presenting - Intelligent access control, one that gives you complete control and offers comprehensive information that allows you to run your business securely and efficiently.  It ensures that only qualified personnel have access to your business, provides specific logs of entry and exit and gives you the reins to a smart management tool. AMC electronic access control systems provide total benefits to all businesses, regardless of size.

  • Advantages of Access Control
  • Have total access control for your organisation
  • Track details of exit and entry through comprehensive logs
  • Restrict access to classified and sensitive areas
  • Eliminate expensive re-keying after an employee exit
  • Remotely control access
  • Provide a robust and safe working environment

Maintain peace of mind by scheduling regular maintenance checks for your security systems which ensure that your system works round-the-clock, delivering excellent results. Increase longevity of your equipment, decrease potential downtime and reduce the risk to your premises and assets.

Advantages of Scheduled Maintenance:

  • Reduce chances of False alarms
  • Lower the risk of compromising your insurance coverage
  • Reduce the running costs of your system, in the long run

AMC also has on offer - Preventative security checks, Risk analysis and comprehensive recommendations for improving your security.

24Hr Monitoring

Dedicated Operators

Imagine a scenario without security monitoring, where you have to rely solely on passers-by and watchful neighbors, to quickly report anything out of the ordinary. With AMC, you are assured of all-around alarm monitoring system.

Our monitoring operators are highly qualified, perceptive and alert individuals who oversee diverse tasks, round-the-clock. From responding to alarm events, receiving customer service training to Trade practices and Privacy Act awareness, our operators are available 24-7 to assist you with all aspects of alarm monitoring.

All our operators maintain a high grade control room by undergoing continual training, a police check and security license accreditation in accordance with state legislation (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia).

The Process

Standard protocol after an alarm is registered entails the notification of the main contacts. In the event of a failure to establish contact with any of the after-hours key holders, a security patrol officer will be sent immediately to the premises (which a call out fee will apply). To help us make this service more efficient, the client may provide us with a building keys and an associated alarm panel code.

  • You will be required to provide us with certain relevant information which includes:
  • Up to 5, after-hours contacts with names and telephone numbers.
  • Codes to be programmed into the system.
  • Choice of alarm actioning options.
  • Full invoicing name and address.
  • Complete address and contact numbers of premises.
  • Special instructions to be followed.

Employees can be assigned unique codes to distinguish and track your system’s arming and disarming activity. If an employee is found entering at an odd time, the information is immediately relayed to you and can therefore be used as a record in case of any loss or theft.  Should your business premise not be armed per schedule, we will call in with a reminder to do so.

AMC’s 24hr monitoring gives you total comfort in knowing that your security system is vigilant and regularly monitored. AMC’s back to base security alarm monitoring is extremely affordable and each alarm signal response has swift turnaround times. If you are looking to install a monitored alarm system in your home, it would be encouraging to know that you are eligible to receive a yearly discount of 5-10% from your insurance company.

Do you need more reasons to secure your peace of mind? Contact us today.

Alarm Response 

Alarm responses are brought into effect, once the client’s back-to-base monitoring service is activated on the alarm system. Our patrol officer has a 30 minute response time for an alarm response call.  Alarm Monitoring Centre offers a guarantee that the alarm response is free of charge should our patrol officer not make the 30 minute response time.

After an alarm response check on site, an alarm docket detailing the times, activations and results of the check will be given. In case of unusual behavior, a break-in or an unlocked door, the patrol officer immediately notifies our monitoring station which in turn notifies relevant contacts. In the event of unusual or criminal activity, key contacts and the police will be informed immediately. Response patrol personnel will then secure your premises and reset the alarm before departing.

With AMC alarm response, expect rapid, absolute and vigilant services for total security and peace of mind.