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At the Alarm Monitoring Centre (AMC) we make every effort to keep our services and products up-to-date with technical advancements and standards.

This, together with our team of highly trained consultants, allows us to demonstrate our credibility of providing commercial property security systems that can meet your requirements, no matter how big or small your business is.

The benefits of having an AMC security solution installed include cutting the price of phone calls through the efficient use of highly advanced wireless communications and an IP monitoring platform, the provision of a 12-month warranty, and the reassurance that the installation of the system and its cables are tidy and hidden as much as possible.

Smoke Detectors

On top of the advanced security systems we provide to businesses, we are also offer smoke detectors as part of the solution. These are connected to our alarm monitoring centre without relying on a passerby to call 000. This service is worth its weight in gold in times of fire incidents, and provides you with the reassurance that you have secured your business effectively. In addition to this, our solutions are able to provide a GSM or GPRS panel, no matter whether the connecting wires have been damaged by fire or not.

Building Plans

If your business premises is still at the design stage, or you are a builder or architect for commercial properties, AMC can provide you with all the pre-wiring for the security system and internal communications equipment. The solution includes the following:

  1. Structured pre-wiring and components
  2. Intercom systems
  3. Security systems
  4. Video surveillance systems
  5. Multi-room stereo speaker systems

This service was formed to provide professional builders and architects with a single solution that meets all their security needs.


AMC also offers a method of shifting your AMC security system to another location. Just contact us at the customer care centre to arrange an onsite visit so that we can make an assessment of your requirements and provide you with details of our relocation solution.

No matter which AMC solution you have installed, as a commercial customer, you will automatically receive a free maintenance check be provided with either a monitoring connection of an existing security system, or a maximum of $100 for the installation of a new AMC security system at your new location as part of the relocation solution.

At AMC, we have a team of highly competent consultants to install our security systems. They are trained to assess your business’s security needs and provide you with a solution that is within your budget.  For further details of how we can help your business, and to receive a no-obligation quote, contact AMC in Australia on 1300 66 77 42.