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Safety, Quality Assurance and Frequently Asked Questions


At AMC, our focus is on safety, and our primary goal is to ensure that no workplace injuries occur.The safety of our security personnel is of the most paramount importance. Therefore, we are constantly reviewing how we do things to ensure that they remain safe at all times. This also enables us to offer a high level of service delivery to all our customers.

Potential customers often approach us with the intention of securing their property for 4 or 5 hours per day. However, we recommend that you install an AMC security system to ensure that your premises is protected 24-7, giving you piece that it is 100% safe from unwanted intrusions.

Quality Assurance

  1. We maintain code of ethics and conduct throughout our company by ensuring that all members of staff undergo training on Ethical Standards and Trade Practices Act Awareness. The impact that this has on our both our business and residential customers is that we can provide services that are both transparent and honest.
  2. When you sign up for one of our solutions, you are also delegating the responsibility of ensuring that your property is secure to us. We take this very seriously, and do our utmost to provide a quality service that is both prompt and efficient.
  3. We offer solutions for people who do not like to take security risks. Our systems handle security issues in a highly effective manner.
  4. We only hire staff that are highly qualified and experienced to perform security responsibilities. This, together with the ongoing effort we make to ensure our staff continue to receive the latest training in security and equipment, enables us to provide a 24/7 highly credible security service to all our customers.
  5. We now offer a wide range of the latest security equipment as an optional part of our solutions, such as a fully integrated AMC security system with CCTV. These advancements allow us to care for your property effectively and to meet higher security requirements.
  6. If you already have a security system installed and would like to change it due to a low level of satisfaction, we can replace your old system with a reliable AMC monitoring and alarm security system, which incorporates the latest standards and technology available. The equipment will be installed by one of our highly trained technicians, and we can guarantee a highly professional and continuous response service.


The following are a few practical and easy to follow ideas to help prevent burglary:

10 tips for security at home

  1. Ensure your home is in plain view from the street by pruning back any bushes or trees that could hide intruders.
  2. Install an alarm as an extra safeguard against burglary.
  3. Make sure your valuables are all marked in some distinctive way so as to render them harder to sell and less attractive to steal.
  4. Always keep your bicycles and tools under lock and key in a garage or storage shed.
  5. Use motion sensor lights to help put off any potential burglars.
  6. Never leave messages attached to your door as this can be seen as a signal that nobody is home. 
  7. Do not fill in name and address details on your key-ring
  8. Make sure all windows and doors are fitted with the best quality locks.
  9. Even when you are at home or out the back, make sure all doors are locked.
  10. Use a security screen door that can be locked even during your absence. 

10 tips for security while you're on holidays

If you are going away on holidays you don’t want the world to know. Make sure your house looks as if there is someone living in it even if you are away. The following tips will help deter break-ins:
  1. Place your valuable possessions that are small enough in a safe deposit box.
  2. Cancel deliveries of any daily newspapers.
  3. Hang some items on the washing line.
  4. Before you go away, make sure that your garage, your gates, your storage shed and anything else that you have a lock for are all securely locked.
  5. Activate any alarm system. Ask a trusted neighbour to do you a favor by keeping a watch on your house and provide them a spare key as well as the alarm PIN so they can enter the property if an emergency arises.
  6. Have a trusted neighbour remove any mail from your mailbox daily, bring your rubbish bin in and out,.
  7. Make sure that any timers on lights and appliances are set to come on in the evening hours, and any other times you would usually be in your home.
  8. Cut the grass on your lawns before you go and arrange for them to be mowed again if you plan to be gone more than a weeks time. This will help ensure your home does not look neglected while you are away.
  9. Never put a spare key in the garden or in a secret place like under a door mat as a burglar will be likely to find it. Better to leave the key with a trusted neighbour.
  10. Ask your neighbour to park their car in your driveway.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need a security system?
    Having such a system will provide you with the reassurance that your home or business is secure.

  2. Is the AMC security system expensive?
    We aim to provide a cost-effective security solution that meets all your needs. Prices start from around $1000.

  3. How does the AMC security system protect my premises?
    Upon an intrusion, the security system will alert people that something is wrong through the use of a siren. At the same time, it will also contact the AMC monitoring centre with information regarding the event.

  4. How do the AMC security system detectors work?
    The detectors emit infra-red rays which measure heat. Whenever a person comes in contact with one of the rays, the system will recognise that there is an intruder present through the detected body heat.

  5. Can I have an AMC security system fitted if I have a pet?
    Yes, the way in which we recommend handling this is to install a pet detector on the system.

  6. What happens to my AMC security system if I have a power cut?
    When we install your security system, we can also provide you with an additional battery for backup purposes. Your security system will automatically use this if the primary power source is cut. The additional battery offers a full-service backup for more than 12 hours.

  7. What happens if I have unexpected problem with my AMC security system?
    An AMC representative will try their best to rectify the problem over the phone or arrange an alarm tech to perform a service call at a suitable time.

  8. What is alarm monitoring?
    When an alarm is activated, alarm monitoring is the process of the alarm panel dialling the control room and submitting a unique code to let us know what is happening on your premises. This information then allows us to take the necessary action for the specific event.

  9. What parts of the day is my premises protected?
    The alarm system provides you with protection 24-7. To ensure that it is working correctly at all times, the system will send frequent test signals to the control centre to allow any faults to be picked up promptly.

  10. How and when will my security system communicate with the monitoring centre?
    There are several options for how this is performed, but two common methods:

    1. When you arm and disarm the security system, periodic tests, and alarm activations.
    2. Dialler monitoring (PSTN), whereby the system communicates with the control centre via telephone lines.
    3. Direct wireless monitoring, which uses two monitoring paths: GPRS and GSM. GPRS acts as the primary method of communication, whilst the others are used as backups. This is the recommended method of communication as it is highly secure.
  1. What is in my protection plan?
    Our protection plans are personalised to match your requirements. At minimum, they are checked once a year by one of our qualified technicians to ensure that the system is in good working order and meets the current standards for the type of equipment.

  2. Can an intruder break my security system?
    AMC security systems are aimed to be robust. It is therefore very difficult to break through a security system.