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Mobile Patrolling

The Alarm Monitoring Centre (AMC) aims to offer all of our customers a professional, efficient and timely service, with the primary objectives of montioring, detecting, deterring and responding. AMC mobile patrol vehicles that span the vast area of greater Brisbane. AMC can also provide quality, professional mobile patrol/alarm response services for all of Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales.

In order to reach the standard needed to become an AMC patrol person, individuals must undergo a rigorous training program, and exhibit in-depth knowledge of the Brisbane area, enabling them to provide an accurate and prompt service to our customers. All mobile patrol personnel are required to be in possession of a current security license and an Australian driver’s license. They must also ensure that they are wearing the regulatory attire whilst on duty.

The AMC administration team will recommend and help you customise your mobile patrol service needs according to how many patrol checks that are required per night, as well as the amount of time spent on each patrol.

An AMC patrol person is available to perform the following duties whilst on duty at your premises:

Checks to the exterior of the property:
As instructed, a comprehensive inspection of all windows and doors on the exterior of your property will be conducted, including entry and fire doors. If specified as part of the checks, our patrol person will also ensure that drop cards are placed in front of the doors that are checked.

Checks to the access points of the property:

Through the use of keys, the patrol person will then check the access points to the property, such as the external gates and all thoroughfares.

Checks to the interior of the property:

The patrol person may then check the entry points to the building. During this check, all alarms will be disarmed. The way in which this inspection is carried out is tailored to your specific preferences. Upon completion of this check, all alarms will be rearmed, and access doors secured.

Staff escorts:

The patrol person can be made responsible for safely escorting your staff to and from your property. The patrol person will only exit the site at the point when all staff have safely entered or left the property.

Securing and unlocking the property:
The patrol person can be made responsible for securing and unlocking your premises. This service is quite popular with both public access areas and certain businesses, such as self-storage companies and laundrettes.

Checking of the perimeter of the premises:

The patrol person can be made responsible for checking equipment and vehicles within the perimeter of the property, including car parks and pathways. People found on the property may also be asked for identification and authorisation.

In order for patrol personnel to perform their duties effectively, the security patrol cars are equipped with the following items:

  • Satellite navigation device
  • 2-way radio (to allow constant communication)
  • First Aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Keys for the premises
  • Company mobile phone
  • Cleaning equipment

From our knowledge and expertise within the security industry, we have found that an unpredictable patrolling pattern will increase the level of protection, and will also maximize the deterrent value of anyone intending to access your property. The precision and frequency of each patrol visit is recorded electronically.

Once our patrol personnel have drawn up a profile that reflects your business and premises, and have established what is considered to be normal activity, standard procedures are drawn up based on the data collected.

Static Security Guards

Static security guards are used to provide a continuous protection to a property, and are commonly used in such premises as shopping malls, construction sites and automobile businesses.

The aim of the static guard is to provide a visual presence as an active physical deterent. While on duty, the static guard will complete a nightly log, which includes such details as full descriptions of checks performed, any suspicious activity, alarm activations and general maintenance. The logs are processed and stored at our offices, and are available for review.

Alarm Response

Alarm responses are conducted when our back-to-base monitoring service is activated on your alarm system. Our patrol person must respond within 30 minutes of the alarm response call. We offer a guarantee that the response will be free of charge should our patrol person not respond within 30 minutes.

For mobile patrol clients, an alarm response will only be charged if the response is outside of the patrol check timeframe. For an outstanding patrol check, the alarm response is recorded as a mobile patrol check, therefore minimising the cost of utilising this service.

In the case of unusual behaviour, such as a break-in and entry, the patrol person will inform the monitoring station immediately who will then, in turn, notify the relevant contacts. In the event of criminal activity, key contacts and the police will be informed immediately.
After an alarm response check has been performed on your premises, an alarm docket will be completed, providing details of the times, activations, and the outcome of the check. On alarm system activation, our patrol person will thoroughly inspect and secure your property, ensuring that the alarm is reset before leaving the premises.